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I've always been interested in photography. When I was a child, I borrowed my father's Olympus OM-1 35mm, and learned how to do black and white development. In high school I took a few photography classes, but for a career I ended up in computers, one of my other strong passions.

I now pursue photography as a well equipped amateur.

I primarily enjoy shooting fashion, commercial, and editorial images. I enjoy working with up and coming models, and have shot TFP/TFCD with many to help build up their portfolios as well as mine. You can see some examples of my work in my online portfolio.

I have also shot engagements and several weddings. If you are interested in hiring me to shoot your wedding, I would be happy to provide samples of the events I have covered.

I currently shoot all digital, with a Canon D-SLR and several pro lenses. I also use a set of studio lights for many of the indoor shots. I very minimally post-process the pictures. Having started my photographic career using film, and doing my own development, I am a firm believer in spending the time arranging the set and shot up front, and not relying on Photoshop to fix avoidable mistakes.

I enjoy working with new models, as everyone brings their own energy and style to a shoot, making the end product a true collaboration of everyone involved. I also include makeup artists, hair stylists, and set stylists for many of the shoots.

If you are a client or model looking for an accomplished photographer and would like to contact me, please send me an e-mail here: Thanks!