Don’t Cross the Streams!

It’s always funny when different aspects of your lives cross. For instance:

10MinuteMail is one of my projects, and Ulta is a contracting client I do a lot of work for. It’s just funny to see an Ulta ad on 10MinuteMail:)

6 thoughts on “Don’t Cross the Streams!

  1. Hello!

    My collegues send me the link to the 10MinuteMail – it looks like a very useful service. I would like to offer you some minor bugfixing in Russian translation of the 10MinuteMail interface. If you interested in it, please email me.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Man, your service is really good. But sometimes it fucks up all the links of the incoming message so there is no way to complete registration. It’s really annoying!

    • Hopefully I’ve fixed a few link related oddities. Some HTML emails had links that weren’t getting parsed right. Some HTML emails had a

      Hopefully things are better now.

  3. That means your client is using google remarketing. As you visited your client’s website a cookie was set and then the ads start “following” you. Maybe you already figured out that as this is an old post, but just thought to share it with you :)
    Nice service by the way. Was looking for the service to stop spam. I see you missing some Lithuanian translation. Do you want any help?

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