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AT&T DNS Cache Poisoning

Recently there has been a lot of press about AT&T DNS servers being hit with a DNS Cache Poisoning attack.

Some new easier exploits were recently published, and many DNS servers are still vulnerable. And up until the new exploits were published publicly, the majority of DNS servers were vulnerable. […]

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10 Skills You Need That You Won’t Learn In School

I just read this article: 10 Skills You Need to Succeed at Almost Anything.

I think it’s a great list. At least for my career path, I can directly attribute a great deal of my effectiveness and successes to skills on this list. Being able to communicate clearly and articulate a point […]

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Doing The Best Job You Can

I was reading a story about some airline employees failing to take care of a passenger with MD, and one comment mentioned how a Japanese airline employee hand delivered a jacket a passenger had left behind on the opposite side of the country. Without making any particular comments on the US airline industry’s current […]

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Pixily – Go Paperless!

I have a filing cabinet filled with paperwork, receipts, warrantees, contracts, rental agreements, and more. I’m basically a computer person, and I love searching and instant gratification, so I’ve always wanted to scan everything in, and have a bunch of searchable PDFs that take up no physical space, and are easy to back up […]

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Protocol Buffers

I just read about the recently released Protocol Buffers from Google.

“Protocol Buffers allow you to define simple data structures in a special definition language, then compile them to produce classes to represent those structures in the language of your choice. These classes come complete with heavily-optimized code to parse and serialize your message […]

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