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Doing The Best Job You Can

I was reading a story about some airline employees failing to take care of a passenger with MD, and one comment mentioned how a Japanese airline employee hand delivered a jacket a passenger had left behind on the opposite side of the country. Without making any particular comments on the US airline industry’s current […]

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Pixily – Go Paperless!

I have a filing cabinet filled with paperwork, receipts, warrantees, contracts, rental agreements, and more. I’m basically a computer person, and I love searching and instant gratification, so I’ve always wanted to scan everything in, and have a bunch of searchable PDFs that take up no physical space, and are easy to back up […]

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Protocol Buffers

I just read about the recently released Protocol Buffers from Google.

“Protocol Buffers allow you to define simple data structures in a special definition language, then compile them to produce classes to represent those structures in the language of your choice. These classes come complete with heavily-optimized code to parse and serialize your message […]

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