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Why Is User Experience Performance So Important?

In my ATG Performance Tuning post I mentioned that how a user perceives the site performance impacts their behavior on the site, and that a fast site leads to more purchases/traffic/etc…

Here are some numbers to back that up:

  • Amazon found that a 100ms increase in page response time led to a 1% DROP in sales, […]
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ATG User Experience Performance Tuning

How to improve the page load time and rendering time for your ATG application!

How your users and customers perceive the speed of your site is critical. The faster and more responsive your site appears to them the better experience they have and the more likely they are to make a purchase. There are plenty of studies about page response time and abandonment, so I won’t rehash the “why” of it here.

There are three components that drive how responsive a page feels to an end user:

  1. Primary Page HTML response time
  2. Primary Page DOM parsing time
  3. Secondary Asset load time

The first component is driven by the server’s request processing time (DRP service time), the page’s HTML size, and the speed of the connection between your server and your end user’s computer.

The second component is driven by the size and complexity of the HTML DOM tree.

The third component is driven by the number of secondary assets, such as JavaScript, CSS, images, Flash, etc…, the size of those assets, the speed of the network connection to those assets, and the cache headers of those assets (to avoid having to load them for each page).

So, we have to look at file sizes, DOM complexity, number of files, cache headers, the speed of request handling on the server, and the network speed between the user and the server.

That’s a lot.

So where do we start?


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ATG Performance Tuning

ATG performance tuning is not a Black Art. I have over 10 years of experience with ATG, and hopefully I can provide a guide to performance tuning your ATG application.

Improving web application performance is an often overlooked way to cut costs and increase sales. […]

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Comcast 50/10 Service

Once they got it working (I’m the first in my area to get it so there were a few kinks to be ironed out) is awesome!!!

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Please Stop Using Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail servers have been consistently delaying or rejecting e-mails for over a year. You can read about it here:

Or just Google for “4.16.50”.

The short of it is that even with a low volume personal mail server, with the correct spf records, without running an open relay, without being blacklisted by ANY blacklist […]

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