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Provide Useful Error Messages

In the event that something on your site goes wrong, you should present an error message to the user that looks professional, is helpful, and ideally provides advice (try again later, call our support line, etc…). TicketMaster hasn’t figured that out yet:


is what I see […]

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Hiding and Showing a Dijit ContentPane in a TabContainer

There is no simple method of hiding and showing a Dijit ContentPane.

If you are displaying a number of ContentPanes within a TabContainer you may need to hide (and possibly redisplay) one or more of the ContentPanes. For instance if the tabs are displaying information based on a selected product/user/etc… some tabs might […]

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Why I Love Having 8 Gigs of RAM

I recently upgraded my primary computer from a 15″ MacBookPro with 4 GB of RAM to a 17″ MacBookPro with 8 GB of RAM. That probably sounds gratuitous. Here’s why it’s not:


I’m currently running:

  • Mac OS 10.5.6
  • Adium (IM chat client)
  • (e-mail client)
  • iCal (calendar application)
  • iTunes (music)
  • OmniFocus […]
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10MinuteMail Update

I’ve just launched a few minor changes to 10MinuteMail which will hopefully improve the user experience.

– I’ve moved the explanatory text off of the home page to an About page.
The old index page was way too text heavy, and was frankly badly written (I didn’t use a copyeditor and once it […]

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