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Want an even better job? :)

While the ATG job opportunity at TOMS is pretty sweet, Spark::red is also hiring!  I might be a bit biased but I think Spark::red is an amazing place to work.

First, the jobs:  We’re looking for sys admins, jboss admins, or technical ATG folks (architects, deployment specialists, etc…) to join […]

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Want a good job?

One of the first people to take me up on my Office Hours offer was a Talent Acquisition Specialist (aka recruiter).  Unlike many people with that title, Jason had read up on me, read my blog, and knew I wasn’t looking for work.  However he did want to pick my brain on a few aspects […]

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ATG and The Cloud

I get asked a lot about using The Cloud or VMs for running your ATG site, so I wrote a big blog post about it over on the Sparkred Oracle ATG Commerce blog: Using Cloud of VMs for ATG Oracle Commerce Hosting.  Go check […]

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Announcing my Office Hours

I am announcing my trial “office hours”!

Inspired by a few well known folks in the tech and entrepreneur scenes, I’ve decided to make myself available to anyone to discuss just about anything. While I’m not famous, and I certainly don’t know everything, perhaps I might have some advice that might help someone.

How does it work? […]

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