Recent Server Downtimes

I wanted to apologize for the recent outages of this site, and 10MinuteMail, etc…  My server’s been having hard drive issues, and after a failed attempt it’s finally been cut over to a new RAID array.  Things should be MUCH more stable going forward!


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10MinuteMail Opera Extension

Wessel Bosman created an Opera plugin for 10MinuteMail. It looks cool, so if you’re an Opera user check it out here: https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/10minutemail/?display=en

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New review of 10MinuteMail by Altin

Altin, who also provided an Albanian translation for 10MinuteMail (which will be launched very soon), wrote up a nice review of 10MinuteMail, which you can read here:

Avoid Spam With 10MinuteMail Service.

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Nice Review of 10MinuteMail

Based on these three factors “a) Ease of use b) Intuitive c) Clean Web Interface” 10MinuteMail was selected as the recommended Temporary E-mail Service by Inficone.

You can read about it here: 10 Minute Mail – Recommended Temporary Email Service

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Interesting Phishing Technique

I got contacted today with a non-form e-mail from a person offering a partnership which would “highly increase your context advertisement block (adsense) earnings” on 10MinuteMail. Essentially saying that they could increase my ad revenue, and would do that for a share of the increased revenue.

Which sounds good as I was wondering if there […]

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