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Seam Identity Management

During a recent coding getaway to Maine (see my post on the 2011 HackFestaThon) I decided to write a basic Seam project as a starting point for my future Seam based web applications.  The idea is to provide common features such as Login, Logout, Registration, Forgot Password, User […]

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Spark::red is PCI Level 1 Certified!

I’m happy to announce that Spark::red ATG Hosting has received our PCI DSS 1.2 Level 1 Certification as an eCommerce MSP.  We have been Level 2 certified for a while, but completing our Level 1 certification with

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Why you should be using a VPN

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is basically a secure encrypted link from your computer to a computer or network somewhere else.  Your computer then routes some or all of it’s network traffic over that encrypted link.  Typically they are used to get access from secure private or corporate networks […]

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ATG Newsletter Went Out

Our first Spark::red ATG Newsletter was sent on Tuesday morning! We’re pleased and proud to have delivered the first of many monthly ATG Newsletters.

In this newsletter we talk about the importance of improving your site performance, especially now that Google is using site performance as a search result ranking factor. We talk […]

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