I am Devon Hillard

I am a technologist and entrepreneur.  I have specialized in ATG/Oracle eCommerce for the last 15 years, and am a Java/J2EE Architect.

I am one of three founders of Spark::red a premium ATG Managed Hosting provider. Seven years ago we were three guys in a coffee shop, now we employ over 20 people and host sites for the Fortune 1000.

I also created 10MinuteMail, a simple and secure temporary e-mail provider which gets about 3.5 million page views a month.


Recent Posts from my tech blog:

  • Jira-to-OmniFocus-graphicv2

Updated Jira Omnifocus Integration

December 26th, 2014|0 Comments

I have made some long over-due updates to the Jira OmniFocus integration I wrote a year ago.  Sean Kane provided a great pull request earlier this year where he’d made some massive improvements to the packaging and […]

New ATG Rest Module

December 3rd, 2013|2 Comments

Marcelo Onhate has written a very useful ATG REST module based on Jersey which looks to be an improvement over the built-in ATG REST support.  It uses annotations and is pretty simple to configure and […]

error invoking target irman ioracle of makefile

November 22nd, 2013|6 Comments

If you run into the error “error invoking target irman ioracle of makefile” while trying to install Oracle Database, and the log shows a missing ljavavm12 library, you may need to copy the java library […]

Double the Oracle DB connections from JBoss you expect?

November 11th, 2013|0 Comments

<no-tx-separate-pools/> – Pool Transactional and non-Transactional connections separately.  Using this option will cause your total pool size to be twice max-pool-size because two actual pools will be created.  Used to fix problems with Oracle.