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Terrible Code

request.setParameter("qualifySkus", getSkusRepository(d, cItem));

  1. “qualifySkus” is confusing. Is it an array/list/collection of “qualifiedSKUs” or a flag that’s a result of “qualifyingSkus” or….
  2. “qualifySKus” should be a constant with a nice comment, not an in-line String.
  3. The method getSkusRespository seems like it would return a catalog repository, doesn’t it? Instead it takes in a List […]
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Project Roles – ATG Development Practices

Let’s define some roles for a full life-cycle ATG Development effort. Your company may not be arranged exactly like this, but it’s a good baseline I think.

Client Representative
The single face of the client. The sole conduit to and from the client.

Project Manager/Dev Manager
The owner of the schedule, resources, project status, and interface between […]

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Starting Assumptions – ATG Development Practices

We need to start with some basic assumptions to guide our solution.

Here is my initial list:

  1. The applications being built will be important commerce or personalization sites, but will not be the sort of critical applications like nuclear plant software or air traffic controlling programs which require massive testing and documentation
  2. The team may be geographically distributed
  3. Time, […]
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ATG Development Practices

In a series of blog postings, and hopefully with substantial input from the ATG community, I am going to try to define ATG development best practices. From how to run a development project, to coding standards, and more. I know it will be impossible to make a perfect set of practices for everyone, […]

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