JBoss Performance Tuning and MasterTheBoss

I review technical book manuscripts for a few different publishers, and recently had the pleasure of working on an upcoming book called JBoss Performance Tuning by Francesco Marchioni.  It’s coming out in December 2010 and will be a must have addition to your bookshelf if you deploy applications on […]

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Google Speed!

Google has a nice collection of tutorials, tech talks, etc… related to making websites run faster. You can find it here: Let’s make the web faster.

I strongly disagree with the first tutorial however. CSS: Using every declaration just once.

The premise of the tutorial is that in order to make […]

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MSSQL, jTDS, NVARCHAR and Slow Indexes

Mr. Slow

An application I’ve built is going into production soon. It’s the first application I’ve been involved with which will be using MSSQL server in production, I have some learning about MSSQL to do. After some research, I ended up using the […]

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In my post on Improving Secondary Asset Loading Time in order to increase the performance of your web application I briefly touched on shrinking your media files to the smallest size that will give you acceptable quality.

Rather than waste your time playing with Photoshop export settings for each image, you can now use

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Additional CDN Information

A few popular commercial CDN services are:

End user performance is typically increased roughly 20-25% by the addition of a good CDN solution. This does not count the reduced capacity requirements of your server farm, which is an added […]

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