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ATG Dynamo Technologies

After working as an ATG Architect for 10 years, I have been involved with many ATG projects and many implementations. This page will house some open source solutions to common problems in ATG development.

ATG Dynamo Project Templates

Building an ATG Project from scratch involves setting up a bunch of directories for things like source code, configs, liveconfig, web applications, creating a build file, etc... This can be time consuming. Many of the build templates I have encountered have been overly complex, so I have created a pair of simple ATG project templates, with build scripts, based on the latest project I have been working on. They have some place-holder JSPs, but are not full fledged applications, just starter project templates. There are .project files for Eclipse in each, but the overall structure and build file should work in any IDE.

ATG Project Template for ATG 7.1 on DAS 6.3 (v 1.0)

This project template and build file are designed for an application built and deployed against ATG Dynamo 7.1 and DAS 6.3.

ATG Project Template for ATG 2006.3 or 2007.1 on JBoss 4 (v 1.0)

This project template and build file are designed for an application built against ATG Dynamo 2006.3 or ATG Dynamo 2007.1 and deployed on JBoss 4.

ATG Dynamo Modules

I am providing a collection of ATG modules designed to be easily deployable to handle a small, common, specific task or feature. They are packaged as a set of modules under an empty parent module for easier packaging. You just add which ever modules you wish to use to your modules list in your file and ignore the rest.

The current version of the open source Digital Sanctuary ATG Modules is 1.2 (released on May 4th, 2008). They have been tested on ATG 7.1, but should work on 2006.3 and 2007.1 as well. You can download the module pack here:

Open Source ATG Modules (v 1.2) - updated on May 4th, 2008

This code is provided under the Apache License (version 2.0) which allows you to use it freely in both open and closed source products and projects. It allows you to modify the code as you see fit, without requiring you to release your changes or code. It's a non-viral license and you should feel comfortable using this code in any commercial project. As a personal request I would very much appreciate any enhancements that you make being released back to me, so that these modules can be enhanced for everyone.

Currently the module list is:

Please read my tech blog to find out more about what I have been up to.

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