10MinuteMail Mentions

10MinuteMail.com gets reviewed or at least mentioned by various blogs and websites and I’d like to thank everyone who found 10MinuteMail a useful disposable e-mail service and decided to share it with their readers.

Altin, who also provided the Albanian translation of 10MinuteMail, wrote up a review on his blog here: Avoid Spam With 10MinuteMail Service.

10MinuteMail.com was written up by the tips-o-tricks blog in an article called: Best Temporary Email Address Service!

WillINeedIt.com wrote about 10MinuteMail saying: “Have you ever tried to make an account at some website, but are afraid they would spam your email? Most websites require their accounts to be activated through an email account. 10-Minute Mail is the solution. This simple yet effective disposable email service allows you to activate your account(s) through a temporary email account that lasts 10 minutes! 10 minute mail requires no user input and registration.

dotTech.org reviewed 10MinuteMail and Mailinator here: Do you need to enter an email to sign up for something, but would rather not be spammed? No problem!

FreeDownloadADay.com posted about 10MinuteMail and how it can save you from having to deal with spam.

NetVork Star calls 10MinuteMail the “Perfect temporary mail solution”.

JoNNeMaNN created a video showing why and how you’d use 10MinuteMail to avoid spam.

Jeremy Duffy, a privacy awareness advocate called out 10MinuteMail as a useful tool.

Jeremy Glover wrote a blog entry titled: Why I Use 10MinuteMail.com, where he said: “A beautiful thing happened only minutes later. My email address self-destructed. Ahhhh the bliss! Never again do I have to worry about receiving spam from that awful company. Thank you, 10 Minute Mail!”.

StumbleUpon users gave 10MinuteMail Five stars, and over 100 reviews.

IronMan77 wrote about 10MinuteMail in his blog, saying: ” How do you know which sites you can trust and which ones you can’t? 10 Minute Mail to the rescue.”

An interesting post on Website Building Biz where the blog owner talks about 10MinuteMail and talks about how he was getting lots of hits for keywords related to 10MinuteMail and how he fixed it.

McAfee SiteAdvisor gives 10MinuteMail.com a “Green” status verifying that it’s a safe site to visit.

Greg Cangialosi wrote about 10MinuteMail.com a few years ago.

John Scott Bull on the Rockfish blog wrote about the growing problem of e-mail spam and how 10MinuteMail can help you avoid spam. “Thank you 10MinuteMail.com for a preventative solution.”.

Jeremy Morel wrote about 10MinuteMail here: Need a ‘disposable’ e-mail address?

Christopher Null wrote one of the first reviews of 10MinuteMail right after it launched on the Yahoo Tech site, saying “For safe surfing and spam avoidance, I haven’t found a simpler, more elegant solution than 10 Minute Mail. It works flawlessly and couldn’t be easier to use. It’s earned a place in my Favorites folder”.


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  2. rumon158 Avatar


  3. Kristiaan D. Avatar
    Kristiaan D.

    Thank you for creating 10-minute mail!
    I work in a store that requires customers to provide an email adres.
    Many elderly people do not have an email adres, and your service helps me serve these people immensly!
    Thank you again!

    1. Devon Avatar

      That’s great! I’m glad it’s been helpful!

      1. hej Avatar

        Hi i used 10 min mail for rockstar games sign up but i forgot it is there anyway u can give it to me somehow?

        1. Devon Avatar

          If you don’t remember the address there is no way for me to help you.

  4. Brad Avatar

    hey mate, couldn’t find an email to contact you and you’re twitter seems inactive. Is there a way to get a specific address on 10minutemail?
    I don’t need any old emails just to access the email for 10 min so I can transfer an account I made using it years ago to an actual email. Thanks for reading this long message and thanks for making something I have used countless times.

  5. Jacob27 Avatar

    Do you have an API for 10 Minute Mail?

    1. Devon Avatar

      There is no public API. Trying to combat abuse is difficult enough with just the website, and the server is paid for through ads, which an API would avoid, so it just hasn’t made sense for me to offer one. If I did it would have to be paid and for verified customers only.

  6. May May Avatar
    May May

    Hello, I was wondering if you can check emails from the ones i’ve use before, I can provide the email, I was waiting to get an email and kept pressing “10 more minutes” and got redirected to a different email, when I copy and pasted a specific one that got lost, It’s important I get this email message I was waiting for.

    1. Devon Avatar

      Unfortunately no. If the address has expired, then email cannot be delivered. We also never store or persist the email that comes in. It’s either displayed immediately to the user, or it’s never accepted.

  7. 10minutemail.com recently broke Avatar
    10minutemail.com recently broke

    When I have uBlock Origin enabled, the inbox does not load
    When I disable uBlock Origin, it suddenly tells me to disable my ad blocker.
    When I re-enable uBlock Origin, it stops telling me to disable my ad blocker but still doesn’t show the inbox.

    Why does it (only) ask me to disable my ad block when there is no ad block enabled?
    How do I get it to work again, with or without ads, with or without uBlock Origin enabled?

    1. Devon Avatar

      Sorry! It looks like a recent change broke things! I will roll it back ASAP!

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