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Profile PictureExperienced architect of enterprise Java web applications and their supporting infrastructures. An ATG specialist with a decade of ATG Dynamo development and architecture experience. Technologist dedicated to mastering best of breed and emerging products and standards. Excellent communication skills and business acumen provide for the ability to connect business and technical worlds fluently.Some of my highlights

I am Devon Hillard. I am a technologist and entrepreneur. I have specialized in the ATG/Oracle Commerce platform for the last 21 years, and am a Java/J2EE Architect. I bridge the technical and business worlds – work with a business team to define requirements and ideas, and I can design a highly scalable efficient architecture to deliver those features to millions of users.

Coming soon!Devon is an incredible architect; one of the most fun and creative I’ve worked with. He has his finger on the pulse of current technology and how it can be best utilized for any project. He’s able to communicate tough technical issues/concepts so his audience walks away with the understanding they require to move forward. His attention to detail, leadership, and excellent teamwork will continue to make him invaluable to any team he joins

What I have been up to

Assisted large clients in migrating their applications and workloads to AWS, in a professional services role. Focused on best practice architecture. Solving for scalability, performance, security, and reliability in a Cloud native approach.  Developed guides, code, tooling, and other IP for the AWS ProServe team.  Worked on the BluAge Mainframe Migration solution and practice.  

Created Black Magic Consulting to bring 20+ years of experience with enterprise Ecommerce, application architecture and development, business optimization, and technical innovation to bear on solving problems of business large and small.  Also incubating several projects with ranging focuses including manufacturing, HR, and the equestrian world.

Technologies Used: My mind and 20+ years of experience, AWS, Ansible, Java, Spring, CNC milling, business strategy, marketing, etc…

Managed the technical team driving the Hosting Managed Services at Tenzing a.k.a. Pivotree. Helped merge the managed hosting practices of Sparkred and Tenzing, with a focus on automation and Cloud hosting.

Technologies Used: Teraform, AWS, ATG Oracle Commerce, Endeca, GIT, Bamboo, Java

Managed ATG Hosting provider, focusing on providing excellent service from experienced ATG architect level resources. Developed server hardening practices, redundant load balancing, backup systems, and more.

Technologies Used: ATG, Oracle, Linux

Created a site providing temporary e-mail addresses and web-based inboxes to provide a solution to forced registration and the subsequent spam problem. The site serves on average 50,000 visitors a day and has a thriving ad-based revenue model.

Technologies Used: JBoss, Seam, EJB3, JSF, Java/J2EE, Apache, Debian Linux, Subversion, Ant(via ClearLogic Consulting)
Redesigned project structure and build scripts to optimize development efficiency. Integrated ATG Commerce and ATG Fulfillment with BillMeLater as a new payment option, including modifications to Customer Assist. Performed application-wide performance tuning. Upgraded and CSR/CA from ATG 2006.3 to ATG 9.1. Built a high performance unique coupon system supporting both the ATG based website and the in-store POS system.

Technologies Used: ATG (2006.3, 9.1), JBoss, Java/J2EE, Subversion, JavaScript, jQuery, Dojo, Ant, Jira, Cybersource, BillMeLater, JBoss Seam(via ClearLogic Consulting and Resource Interactive)
Architect for a geographically diverse team improving and extending a complex ATG 2007.1 B2C Commerce
site. Internationalized the site, content, and product catalog. Extended the BCC interface.

Technologies Used: ATG (2007.1), JBoss, Java/J2EE, Subversion, Ant, Flash, Jira(via ClearLogicConsulting and Resource Interactive)
Architect and tech lead for a multi-phase ATG project utilizing a rich Flash-driven front-end driven by back-end data using XML, Flex, and Web Services. Led, primarily remotely, a team of developers through fast-paced design and development cycles for a high traffic entertainment site.

Technologies Used: ATG, Java/J2EE, Subversion, Ant, Solaris, iPlanet, JBoss, Flash, Flex, JiraTook responsibility for the security and privacy aspects of most Cingular web sites. Drove VISA/PCI compliance for Cingular customer facing web applications. Performed application design and reviews for numerous projects, building architecture design documents from business requirements, and overseeing the development, code quality, and security of the application throughout the project life-cycle. Developed coding standards project life-cycles and software development life-cycles to increase quality and reduce maintenance costs while minimizing schedule impact.

Technologies Used: ATG, Java/J2EE, Subversion, Ant, Solaris, iPlanet, JBoss, Apache, Fortify, WebInspect, ESMAssumed ownership of a new product offering, Open Market, and guided the first customer through implementation, testing, and into production. Developed architecture designs, UAT user guides, test matrixes, and code.

Technologies Used: WebLogic, Java/J2EE, Struts, Maven, Ant, XHTMLFounded a business providing dedicated hosting and colocation services for Apple hardware. Built an online package configuration and ordering system, tied into an inventory system and a custom-built secure integration to the payment gateway, using JBoss, Hibernate, and PostgresSQL. Created an internal inventory and status tracking system.

Technologies Used: JBoss, Java/J2EE, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Apache, Debian Linux, Subversion, AntSupplied architectural design, mentorship, and development expertise on a number of projects to enhance the AT&T Wireless web presence. Defined coding standards and build processes to improve code quality and development efficiency. Migrated over 6,500 jhtml pages into JSP files packaged within WAR files. Redesigned existing application, built new applications, and new interfaces for back-end systems.

Technologies Used: ATG, Java/J2EE, Eclipse, CVS, AntGathered business requirements from multiple stake-holders, researched extensive existing infrastructure components, and development requirements and UML artifacts. Led a remote development team through a fast paced development effort and coordinated with technical and business contacts on-site at the client.

Technologies Used: Java/J2EE, Struts, WebLogic, Rational RoseLed a twelve person team through a ten month development project using the ATG framework. Developed using a hybrid of RUP and XP methodologies to best support the project. Maintained clear traceability between business requirements, use cases, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, unit tests, and Java classes. Provided mentorship and leadership and drove the project to success.

Technologies Used: ATG, Java/J2EE, Togethersoft, JUnit, XP, Solaris, iPlanet, CVSProvided mentorship and expertise on ATG technologies to a development team throughout the life of a project creating a feature management web application. Utilized Rational tools and the Rational Unified Process, for modeling and development life-cycle management.
Technologies Used: ATG, Java/J2EE, Rational Rose, CVS, Solaris, iPlanetLed a multi discipline team consisting of Java developers, HTML designers, Flash developers, business analysts, and other specialists to create applications and rapid prototypes. Focused on showcasing innovative methods of applying cutting edge web and wireless technologies to solving business and government needs. Led full life-cycle projects from on-site requirements gathering to post-deployment and mentorship for clients including the Navy, Air Force, DoD, JEA, and many other large corporations.
Technologies Used: Java, JRun, Tomcat, Togethersoft, Flash, XML, XSL, XST, encryptionCreated a company to provide a large capacity, high bandwidth, online storage solution. Built a clustered PHP application which served over 100,000 members, over 4 TB of content, and delivered an average of 30 Mbit/second with peaks just over 100 Mbit/second. The system involved a tuned MySQL database with multi-million row tables, merchant account and PayPal integrations, bandwidth usage and billing tracking, and a multi-tiered server cluster.
Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, Squid, Apache, Debian LinuxAdvanced from entry level tech support, through professional services as a consultant, and into architecture for both the professional services and sales engineering groups. Developed expertise in all ATG product offerings. Worked on site with many Fortune 500 companies, designing systems from hardware and network layouts to application and integration architecture to provide high performance and stable online platforms for e-commerce, banking, content delivery, and other verticals. Provided the bridge between business audiences and requirements and technology teams and implementations.
Technologies Used: ATG, Java/J2EE, Perforce, Netegrity Siteminder, Interwoven, WebLogic, WebSphere, Solaris, Linux


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