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Server Migration

I’ve just moved a number of websites, web applications, email domains, etc.. to a new server. So if something isn’t working right, please let me know!

Ideally things will be faster and more stable.

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If you use the Subclipse plugin to access subversion repositories from Eclipse using the ssh+svn protocol, you may see errors like this:


when you try to do too many things at once.

When I tried switching to JavaHL instead of SVNKit, I got different errors, so that was out.

Adding this line to my eclipse.ini file fixed it […]

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Apache mod_deflate and mod_cache issues

The Problem: Using Apache mod_deflate and mod_disk_cache (or other mod_cache) together can create far too many cached files.

The Background: Apache is a web server with many different modules you can load in to enhance it. Two common ones are mod_deflate and mod_cache (or mod_disk_cache).

Mod_deflate compresses content that is sent to the webserver using […]

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