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Zencoder Video Encoding

The internet is constantly evolving.  The current trends of increased user bandwidth (upstream and downstream), mobile connectivity and bandwidth (3G/4G/WiMax/Ubiquitous WiFi), social networking/media/commerce, affordable video capture (cell phones, Flip cams, cheap HD video cameras), media driven websites (youtube, facebook, myspace) are all driving us […]

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Improving my Library’s Website

Initially I was thrilled that my local library has a website where I can request books from anywhere in the library network, and when they’re ready for pickup at my local branch, I get an e-mail. It makes things so much easier.  I […]

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Guide for Large Scale ATG Applications

Kelly Goetsch has written a very impressive 64 page guide on the development and deployment of very large scalable ATG e-Commerce applications. There’s a ton of great information (a little bit came from me!) and it’s a worth-while read, even if your application isn’t running on 200 production servers. Unfortunately you have […]

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