Siri Reminders flow into OmniFocus

I just discovered that you can setup OmniFocus to pull from your iCloud synced Reminders. That means if you use OmniFocus, as I do, that you can create new ToDo items via Siri:

Siri, remind me to call Bob about Oracle tomorrow…

Siri, remind me to order shampoo…

and so on….  They show up in your OmniFocus Inbox automatically.  It’s an amazing tool for ubiquitous capture.  As soon as anything pops into my head, I can use Siri to get it out of my head and into OmniFocus.

I’ve also started using Siri to set my morning alarm, timers for cooking, timers for time-boxing tasks, etc…  I’m still learning all the ways to use Siri, but every new thing I find is great!

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