PHP and FastCGI

I’ve just converted my server and many sites from mod_php under Apache to FastCGI and php-cgi. In theory this should perform better, scale better, and generally BE better. However I’m new to it, so if you find something that is broken on being weird, let me know!

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Want an even better job? :)

While the ATG job opportunity at TOMS is pretty sweet, Spark::red is also hiring!  I might be a bit biased but I think Spark::red is an amazing place to work.

First, the jobs:  We’re looking for sys admins, jboss admins, or technical ATG folks (architects, deployment specialists, etc…) to join […]

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rsync is MUCH faster than scp

Working at a hosting company that specializes in J2EE application hosting, we move EARs around a lot.  Typically I’ve just been using scp since rsync can easily get you into trouble if you’re pushing deltas you’re not super careful.  And if you’re not pushing deltas, and pushing full ears, it makes more sense to use […]

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Automated ClamAV Virus Scanning

Automating Linux Anti-Virus Using ClamAV and Cron

Thankfully Linux isn’t a platform which has a significant problem with Viruses, however it is always better to be safe than sorry. Luckily ClamAV is an excellent free anti-virus solution for Linux servers. However, at least on RedHat Enterprise 5 (RHEL5) the default install doesn’t offer any […]

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Looking for abusive clients in your web server logs

Here’s a quick tip on how to find IPs that may be hammering on your web server:

cat access.log |cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 2 |sort|uniq -c | sort -nk 1

Run that against your Apache access log and you’ll find out hits/IP address. Just check to be sure they aren’t Google before you

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