Is there a WordPress plugin for making notes?

I want a WordPress Plugin I can use to make/manage notes for posts I’m writing.  A way to dump in info and links related to the post I’m working on, so I can keep all my info/research/ideas right on the draft post, and still be able to see them in the admin after the post has been published.  Any recommendations?

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    • Further – if you wanted to make it so that you could see the notes but others couldnt, you could modify your template to only show the notes (custom field content) if logged in as admin,

      That’s just considering the default custom fields available via wordpress, if you wanted to get really sophisticated you could use a plugin like magic fields to define different field types, then modify the display properties based on authentication.

  1. Check out a company called Elegant Themes. Their Daily Notes theme may be worth a look as you are able to use it to put up videos, photos, links and other bits of content without having a full article attached – I was using it for a bit until I decided to move on to Tumblr as I wanted something more lightweight. It might not be businessey enough for you though, so worth looking through their full catalogue.

  2. I found that the Post Ideas ( wordpress plugin might fit your needs.

    Another idea is to setup two accounts, one that holds all your posts and another your drafts. I think you can set up the posting account to approve the posts of the drafter and I’d think edit in the process. So you use the draft account to search all material and write the post, then you submit for publishing and the publishing account/editor removes the research material. Not sure if that would change the article in its original. But worth a try. Look for multi author plugins in WordPress.

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