Why I love Debian (and PostgreSQL)

I woke up this morning, got online through my new UMTS/HSPDA modem, and discovered that one of my servers had a load average of 239+

Not the best way to start the day.

Turns out an rsync backup job between two servers had gone nuts and […]

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Using IPTables to Prevent SSH Brute Force Attacks

If you have a server with a world facing ssh server, you’ve probably seen brute force attacks in your logs. Some machine starts hammering your ssh server, trying all sorts of logins (staff, root, a, admin, etc…) over and over and over again.

This is bad on a lot of fronts.

I use two simple iptables […]

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How to identify the process listening on a port

This is mostly for own use, but: If you’ve ever had a server which netstat showed was listening on one or more ports you weren’t expecting, you can use this command to find out which process is listening there:

fuser -vn tcp 4444

Which in this case happens to be owned by JBoss, and not some […]

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