RichFaces Modal Panels, s:graphicImage, and IE6

If, like me, you are using the Seam s:graphicImage tag to serve an image from within a RichFaces modal panel, you may have run into an issue where in IE6 the image does not get displayed, and you get the dreaded red X of failure. It works fine in all other browsers, including IE7, […]

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How To Resize Uploaded Images Using Java – Better Way

Based on helpful comments from Matt on this previous post:

How To Resize Uploaded Images Using Java

I have upgraded the image resizing code. The results are noticeably better in quality, even at thumbnail sizes. I wanted to share the completed new code, in case anyone needs it.

Again, thanks to Matt S. for his […]

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How To Resize Uploaded Images Using Java

Edit: please read the better way here: Better way to Resize Images Using Java!

I am building a Seam application which need to support users uploading images, and then the site displaying them. I wanted to resize big images into something reasonable (say 1024 or 800 px wide) and generate a thumbnail, and […]

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