Getting the Real IP Address from a Proxied Request in ATG

Many things can obscure the real IP address of the end user when they visit your site: a load balancer in front of your ATG cluster, Akamai, the user’s ISP or office network, and more. This makes correlating logging events, or using the ATG session IP validation security option, and more, very difficult. […]

By | April 8th, 2008|ATG, Security|5 Comments

Apache Proxy Breaks RichFaces

I’ve run into this twice now, so I wanted to document it here to help other folks, and to see if anyone knows the root cause of the issue.

When using RichFaces with Seam, things work just fine on my local development JBoss instance. But when I deploy the same EAR file up to my […]

By | March 23rd, 2008|Seam|4 Comments

Apache Proxy & Making Things Look Nice

I recently setup a dev/build server with Jira, Confluence, Hudson, ATG (with two web apps and the atg admin), Oracle (with web admin), and Postgres (with web admin). I’m running everything independantly, and […]

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