Digital Sanctuary

I am a technologist and entrepreneur.  I have specialized in ATG/Oracle eCommerce for the last 25 years, and am a Java/J2EE Architect. I am one of three founders of Spark::red a premium ATG Managed Hosting provider (now part of the Pivotree family). Eleven years ago we were three guys in a coffee shop, we grew to well over 30 people and host sites for the Fortune 1000. I also created 10MinuteMail, a simple and secure temporary e-mail provider which gets about 3.5 million page views a month.  I recently started Black Magic Consulting to enable me to help companies, large and small, with improving efficiency and automation via technology.  I also have several other projects in the very early stages, so stay tuned!

  • SpringBoot DevTools Auto Restart and Live Reload
    When you are developing a web application minimizing the time it takes changes you make to show up is a key factor in your productivity. The quicker you can see the results of your change, the quicker you know if you have fixed things, or
  • Broken Site – Sorry
    I am moving off of my old WordPress theme (Avada) due to numerous limitations and issues. Unfortunately it’s not so easy to move away from it and many pages and posts are probably looking very wrong. I will try to fix them as I have
  • Migrating 10MinuteMail from Java to GraalVM Native
    As the developer of 10MinuteMail, a disposable email service, I have been running the service on Java for many years. I am always looking at new technologies and embracing new things.  Recently I decided to not only upgrade from SpringBoot 2.x to 3.x, but also