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Headshot of Devon Hillard, outdoors

I am a technologist and entrepreneur.  I have specialized in ATG/Oracle eCommerce for the last 25 years, and am a Java/J2EE Architect. I am one of three founders of Spark::red a premium ATG Managed Hosting provider (now part of the Pivotree family). Eleven years ago we were three guys in a coffee shop, we grew to well over 30 people and host sites for the Fortune 1000. I also created 10MinuteMail, a simple and secure temporary e-mail provider which gets about 3.5 million page views a month.  I recently started Black Magic Consulting to enable me to help companies, large and small, with improving efficiency and automation via technology.  I also have several other projects in the very early stages, so stay tuned!

  • Simple Wufoo Style Form Handling Using AWS
    Hello fellow techies, I am excited to share my latest open source project – an innovative Web Form Submission Application built with TypeScript and deployed using AWS CDK. This application is designed as a simple system for form submissions from your website, storing the data … Read more
  • How to get SpringBoot LiveReload Working over HTTPS
    SpringBoot LiveReload is an essential tool for developers using Spring Boot Dev Tools. It automatically reloads your browser when you modify a front end source file in your Spring Boot application. This feature saves time and boosts productivity by making it quick and easy to … Read more
  • SpringBoot DevTools Auto Restart and Live Reload
    When you are developing a web application minimizing the time it takes changes you make to show up is a key factor in your productivity. The quicker you can see the results of your change, the quicker you know if you have fixed things, or … Read more
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