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  • MSSQL, jTDS, NVARCHAR and Slow Indexes

    An application I’ve built is going into production soon. It’s the first application I’ve been involved with which will be using MSSQL server in production, I have some learning about MSSQL to do. After some research, I ended up using the jDTS JDBC driver instead of the Microsoft JDBC driver (which is feature incomplete and […]

  • Why I love Debian (and PostgreSQL)

    I woke up this morning, got online through my new UMTS/HSPDA modem, and discovered that one of my servers had a load average of 239+ Not the best way to start the day. Turns out an rsync backup job between two servers had gone nuts and was spinning them up through the roof. A couple […]

  • Oracle Export (exp) and Initial Extent Size Issues

    If you have a large database in Oracle, with a tablespace with say 2 gigabytes worth of data in it, and you then go in a delete a large number of rows from a large number of tables, and shrink it down to about 300 megabytes worth of data, and then you create an Oracle […]

  • Why Oracle makes me nuts

    When left to my own devices I tend to use PostgreSQL or MySQL. They’re both free, open source, run on every platform I use, and I understand how to use them, tune them, etc…. However, when I’m building an application and database scripts that will be deployed on Oracle, and using an application which doesn’t […]