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Busy Times

This week has been pretty crazy, and the upcoming few weeks look at least as bad.  I’m working my regular full time job (and trying to figure out where that’s going), I’m working on another big development project after-hours, I’m working on a possible collaboration project, I’m developing a software project development methodology, and handling the usual other tasks on my schedule.  My wife has started working full time, but on an odd schedule.  She worked all weekend, but has today and tomorrow off.  So she’s been gone a lot, and tired a lot when she’s here.  This also means that more of the chores and errands fall to me, making me even busier:)

I’m flying to Ohio mid-week next week, to San Francisco that Friday, and to France the following week.  And I have to get my hair-cut, get my car serviced, return library books, and more.

On the upside, most, if not all, of the things keeping me busy are good things, and I feel productive.

I also just wrapped a week of a 1,000 calorie/day diet to recover from my New Mexico sopapilla gorging.  It totally worked.  I lost six pounds in 7 days.  But you really can’t do it for more than a week without messing up your metabolism and health, so now I’m back to normal, which feels great.  The diet makes me cranky.  It’s not as bad as the random rage that Atikins gave me, but I’m definitely easier to get frustrated and just cranky and stressed out when I’m limiting my food.  Which is no fun for my wife to be around.  I made it to the gym three times in that week, so that’s good.  Here are my nutritional averages for the past week:

But tonight, we’re getting Thai take-out for the first time in weeks:)  I can’t wait!


I just finished going shopping for the food we will need for this weeks menu. I took a picture of what I bought in order to highlight, to myself and to you, how we eat. Firstly, the food:

Next is our menu for this week:


Chicken Fajitas

Grilled Chicken over shells w/butter + parmesan

Grilled Chicken on salad

Shrimp with pasta and spicy red sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala (for Devon)
Grilled Chicken on salad (for Emma)

Grilled Chicken Burgers with mushrooms and swiss

Take Out (Thai food)

A few things to note:  Lots of fresh veggies, meat, simple dishes.  Nothing fried, nothing cooked in lots of oil or butter, nothing pre-packaged, nothing super sugary, no fast food, no candy.  Veggies, Meat, and a Starch.

Post your own menu and pictures of your food if you can!


I hate posting about weight loss here. It’s embarrassing. However, in case there’s other folks out there like me, I wanted to post my experience around diets and exercise, because it look me a long time to find what works for me. So if you’re not having a hard time losing weight, skip this post. If you are, read on….