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  • Flush the Cache Droplet Upon CA Deployments

    Hopefully you’re already using the ATG Cache Droplet extensively in your ATG eCommerce application, as I recommended in my ATG Performance Tuning post on Improving JSP Serving Time for an ATG Application. ┬áIf you are, you’re probably using a smaller value for the cacheCheckSeconds parameter than you’d like, in order to prevent stale data after […]

  • Updates to the ATG RSS Feed Module

    Thanks to Doug Henderson sending me some code updates I have released a new version of the RSS Feed Droplet (first mentioned in this post) which supports configurable character encodings. This can be very useful if you have “interesting” characters in the content you are publishing. I have also rolled the code into my ATG […]

  • ATG RSS Generator Droplet

    I sat down a few hours ago to start a droplet which would generate an RSS feed based on data in an ATG Repository. Surprisingly, I think I’m done. Basically what it is is a droplet, which you put on an otherwise empty JSP page (it’s important that there is no whitespace on the JSP […]

  • ItemToXMLDroplet

    This is an extremely simple Droplet with source, a config file, and a sample JSP. All the droplet does it transform a passed-in RepositoryItem into XML and dump it out. It would be handy for vending data to client-side logic in JavaScript or Flash, when you don’t want to write-up a full WebService. You can […]