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  • Making Search Keywords Easy

    I was recently contacted by SortFix who introduced their offering to me and thought maybe I’d be interested in writing a blog post about SortFix. (full disclosure: I have received nothing from SortFix other than their e-mail request). SortFix is basically a value added search provider who wraps Google search results. Their approach is to […]

  • Make Google Ignore JSESSIONID

    Search engines like Google will often index content with params like JSESSIONID and other session or conversation scope params. This causes two problems: first the links returned in the Google search results can have these parameters in them, resulting in “session not found” or other incompatible session state issues. Secondly it can cause a single […]

  • ATG SEO – Tools and Traffic

    SEO Tools Other than using lynx to test your site, there are several other tools I would recommend utilizing in your quest for better SEO. One great tool is the SEO Analysis Tool from SEOWorkers.com. This tool quickly analyzes the page, and provides excellent reports on the size and relevancy of your meta tags. It […]

  • ATG SEO – URL Formats and Crawler Limits

    URL Formats and Structures By making your URLs expressive and relevant to the content and structure of the site, you help not only your search engine ranking but also your users, since they can easily tell what a given link will take them to. This is a bad URL: http://myshoestore.com/app/cat/browse.jsp?id=245345&cat=234523 This is a good URL: […]

  • ATG SEO – Accessibility and GoogleBot

    Semantic Tags Use the right tags for the job. For high importance headings use <h1>, for lists use <li>, and so on. Don’t JUST use CSS classes for styling, make sure you’re also using the appropriate HTML markup for your content. By using semantic markup you can identify the importance and structure of the content […]

  • ATG SEO – Search Engine Optimization

    ATG SEO – Search Engine Optimization

    No matter how good your website or web application is, if people can’t find it, then it doesn’t do anyone any good. The Secret to SEO So how do you game Google? How do you trick search engines to put you at the top? You don’t. The “secret” to search engines is that they are […]