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  • JavaScript Speeds

    The JavaScript engines of popular web browsers vary greatly in performance. The variance in performance is surprising. Running this test: http://celtickane.com/labs/web-browser-javascript-benchmark/ On my laptop, here are my results (lower is better, your results my vary): Safari 4: 128 Firefox 3.5: 233 Camino: 615 IE 7: 1181 IE 7 is almost 10 X slower than Safari […]

  • Why I like jQuery (over Dojo)

    With the caveat that I’m not an expert with Dojo/Dojox/Dijit, I’m currently switching a site off of Dojo onto jQuery. I’ve used jQuery on a few other sites, but typically just simple effects type stuff. This site has a lot of AJAX driven stuff going on: AJAX catalog navigation where we replace about 12 elements […]

  • Hiding and Showing a Dijit ContentPane in a TabContainer

    There is no simple method of hiding and showing a Dijit ContentPane. If you are displaying a number of ContentPanes within a TabContainer you may need to hide (and possibly redisplay) one or more of the ContentPanes. For instance if the tabs are displaying information based on a selected product/user/etc… some tabs might not be […]

  • Making Your DHTML or AJAX Application Bookmarkable

    As more and more websites are embracing “web 2.0” standards and evolving into more responsive dynamic applications many of them are losing basic functionality such as bookmark-ability. In order to present a richer interface or to reduce page load times and improve responsiveness it can be beneficial to alter the content on a page dynamically, […]

  • Preventing Multiple Submits On An ATG Form

    Often, you’ll want to prevent impatient users from clicking a submit button multiple times, as you can end up with multiple actions taking place, or object state can get in a bad way leading to errors. For this example we’ll assume you have a final Submit Order form that actually places the order, auth’s the […]

  • Lions and Tigers and Third-Party Javascript

    There are many reasons that you may wish to put a third-party javascript reference on your website. Serving ads, making use of tracking and analytics tools such as Google Analytics, and many other features may want to use a remotely referenced third-party javascript. The big issue here is trust. By putting a remotely referenced javascript […]