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  • ATG Installation on OS X

    While ATG runs fine on OS X, and while many people inside and outside of ATG use OS X as their primary operating system, the ATG installer STILL doesn’t work under OS X. It “mostly” works. It seems to work, it installs things, however if you try to do stuff, like patch, or like adding […]

  • Home Backups

    I just setup some bash scripts leveraging rsync and triggered via cron to not only keep my external hard-drives backed up to their relative backups, but also to keep my wife’s laptop (MacBook) backed up to an external drive attached to my desktop (PowerMac). /usr/bin/backup:#!/bin/bash rsync /Users/emma/ -avz -e ssh ‘[email protected]:/Volumes/MBP\ Backup/tongari/Users/emma/’ rsync /Applications/ -avz […]