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  • A Clean Fridge

    I’m on Day Four of Using Time Blocks to Get Things Done and make headway on some of the never-ending things that need doing that can lurk on in the shadows of your mind. So far it’s going pretty well. I had a couple of weak days: on Tuesday night Emma was out, so I […]

  • Getting Things Done Using Time Blocks

    I’m always trying to improve my productivity, my focus, and my organization. I want to worry less and do more. I’ve firmly adopted a loose GTD system via OmniFocus to manage my important tasks and todos, things like “Label circuit breakers” and “Book travel for New Orleans”. For my development tasks, like “add SMS notifications […]

  • Busy Times

    This week has been pretty crazy, and the upcoming few weeks look at least as bad.  I’m working my regular full time job (and trying to figure out where that’s going), I’m working on another big development project after-hours, I’m working on a possible collaboration project, I’m developing a software project development methodology, and handling […]