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  • Adding the “Upload Image” Button in the ACC

    If you have your own content repository items defined, and you’d like the ACC to provide the Upload Image functionality for your internal binary properties, Russell Moore has figured it out: In /atg/devtools/ create a local version of admins.xml: Your Content YourRepository Thanks Russell!

  • Accessing nested Item properties within a RepositoryFormHandler programatically

    If you have a RepositoryItem which has a collection of other RepositoryItems as a property, editing things on them via a single form and RepositoryFormHandler can pose some difficulties. For instance, you have an Item called Garage, and it has a List of Car RepositoryItems as a property named cars. If you are using a…

  • ItemToXMLDroplet

    This is an extremely simple Droplet with source, a config file, and a sample JSP. All the droplet does it transform a passed-in RepositoryItem into XML and dump it out. It would be handy for vending data to client-side logic in JavaScript or Flash, when you don’t want to write-up a full WebService. You can…

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