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  • New 10MinuteMail Beta!

    New 10MinuteMail Beta!

    10MinuteMail is over 14 years old!  When I created 10MinuteMail back in 2006, it was for two reasons: first to help me deal with all the spam email I was getting and second so I could teach myself the JBoss Seam framework.  I had no idea at the time that so many other people wanted […]

  • Bad Recruiter E-Mail Tips

    I get a lot of e-mails from recruiters, so I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I used to reply to all of them, thanking them, and politely declining. Now there’s too many, so I’ve stopped replying to the “bad ones”. Here’s how you get your e-mail in the “bad” list: 1. Don’t […]

  • Spammers using a Thesaurus?

    My wife received an interesting spam comment on her blog. At first glance it looked like it was just written by someone with an awful grasp of the English language, but then I realized that some of the words were just synonyms that didn’t actually work in context. Take a look at the comment: Hi. […]

  • SpamCop RBL is Blocking Several Facebook Mail Servers

    If you are using the SpamCop realtime block list as part of your anti-spam measures, be warned that they appear to be blocking several legitimate Facebook mail servers. I’ve seen them blocking the following Facebook mail server IPs: Presumably there’s a whole block of IPs that SpamCop is blocking. Since I like […]

  • Setting Up SPF, SenderId, Domain Keys, and DKIM

    Setting Up SPF, SenderId, Domain Keys, and DKIM

    If you run a mail server, and if you hate spam, you should setup your mail server to make use of all the best anti-spam tools available. There are two sides to spam, sending and receiving. On the receiving side, you have things like blacklists, spamassassin, bayesian filtering, and lots more. I’ll probably cover this […]

  • Please Stop Using Yahoo Mail

    Yahoo mail servers have been consistently delaying or rejecting e-mails for over a year. You can read about it here: http://www.ahfx.net/weblog.php?article=107 Or just Google for “4.16.50”. The short of it is that even with a low volume personal mail server, with the correct spf records, without running an open relay, without being blacklisted by ANY […]