Modern TV is Killing the Dream of Justice


Let me get on my old-man pants and wave my cane angrily from my porch for a minute….

Lately it seems the trend in television shows is to either not have any likable characters, or to continually bludgeon the good guys down, episode after episode.
The Walking Dead went down the first track.  A well written, well acted show, which balanced inter-personal drama with zombie attacks – what’s not to like?  But then quickly every character became 90% flawed, and I quickly […]

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My Broken Leg – part 1

What Happened

On Saturday July 13th, 2013, 36 hours after returning home from a whirlwind work trip across Texas, I ran in the 5K Foam Fest in Haverhill, MA with my wife and our friend Brendan.  We were Team Squirrel Power, with awesome custom shirts made by Emma and Brendan.  The run was a “fun run” loaded with obstacles including mud pits, bouncy castles, walls to scale, three story slides, electric wire, and more.  The run started on a steep uphill which sucked away all my breath, and left me panting and unable to re-catch […]

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Fifi 2000?-2012 Rest in Peace

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I spent this Christmas morning digging a grave. Never in my life have I felt this sad.

Fifi, our iguana, has been so much more than a pet to my wife and I for over 8 years. She’s been a companion, a friend, and the closest thing to a child that we’re likely to have. We found her at a Humane Society Shelter in Tocama Washington in April 2004. She was sick, emaciated, lethargic, brown and yellow in color, and sad. She was dying. While the Humane Society meant the best, they didn’t have the […]

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