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//November hit’s front page last night

It’s filtered down a few pages off the front, but hey, front page of! Wow! Totally grassroots in about 4 hours. Now it’s on all kinds of little blogs and tech forums and other odd places. Over 100k hits in the last 18 hours. It performs very well. […]

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What’s up with SMTPS?

Let’s start with SMTP. Simple Mail Transport Protocol. This is how e-mail gets sent. This is how e-mail makes it from you, to your recipient. When you check your e-mail, you use POP or IMAP to get the e-mail from the server. But when you’re sending e-mail, you use SMTP. SMTP is how your mail client communicates with your mail server, and then how your mail server communicates with other mail servers to deliver your precious e-mail to it’s destination.

SMTP has been around since 1982 and is used everywhere. It works, but it’s lacking in many ways, most of which are out of scope for this posting.

Basically the way it works is:


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Index page issues when putting JBoss behind Apache

So, if you’re using Seam, you usually have xhtml files which represent the pages, and then the Seam servlet takes care of rendering them. When I setup my latest project, I changed the web.xml to switch from using page.seam to page.html, to mask the back-end technology. When I did this, I also deleted the seemly unnecessary index.html that was sitting in my view directory. I then added this into my web.xml, just to be on the safe side:



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PGP E-mail Encryption conceptual issue

I have a number of thoughts in mind, which will likely turn into posts, and they are all leading up to a bigger unified thought. This is one of them.

PGP / GPG email encryption is a good thing. It’s a pretty secure system, and the public registries of public keys makes it easy to communicate securely with someone new, with a reasonable amount of trust. One major issue, which I think most people identify as the biggest issue with PGP, is that the popular mail programs don’t support it out of the box, or don’t support it well.


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My first Seam Application – 10MinuteMail

My first web application built using Seam is now live. It is called 10MinuteMail and you can see it at

It gives you a temporary e-mail address, and lets you receive and reply to e-mail sent to that address. The e-mail address expires in 10 minutes (or more, […]

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