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For me, one of the hardest things about getting started with developing with Seam was getting a project setup that I could work with. The examples that ship with Seam only build within the whole Seam super-project, which doesn’t work for developing your own projects. Most of the other guides on setting up a project (using Eclipse WTP, or other things) either didn’t work for me, or seemed overly complicated, or used a structure that just seemed odd to me.

If they work for you, that’s great. If they don’t, I’ve posted up a zipped up version of the base seam project that I use. I use Eclipse 3.2 and MyEclipseIDE as my development environment, so you may need to make a few tweaks. You have to configure your JBoss installation location, and the ant script will build and deploy an exploded ear file as it’s default target. The project I used for the base structure is the Seam Booking example, so just replace things as you like.

Get the base seam project here!



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5 responses to “Seam example project structure”

  1. ranil Avatar

    hi, i was interessted in downloading your seam project structure. but unfortunately the link is down. is it still online somewhere?

  2. Devon Avatar

    Sorry about that! I’ve fixed the link now.

    At this point, I’d also really look at seam-gen. It makes things much easier overall.

  3. arun Avatar

    im new to Seam. In my JSF page i have two string fields. i gave search option for those two fields. two fields are employee name and employee address.
    it is working properly and it shows the result page.
    But if i add new text field as employee id . it is a primary key in table. if i give search option for this empid field in jsf page its taking default value as zero.
    can u tel me how to give search option for integer type.

  4. samyam Avatar

    The same example in same manner can be deployed from the seam site.

    1. Devon Avatar

      Interesting. Can you give me a link to where? Thanks!

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