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Lions and Tigers and Third-Party Javascript

There are many reasons that you may wish to put a third-party javascript reference on your website. Serving ads, making use of tracking and analytics tools such as Google Analytics, and many other features may want to use a remotely referenced third-party javascript. The big issue here is trust. By putting a remotely referenced javascript on your pages you are essentially handing some control of your visitors’ browsers’ over to this third-party. Maliciously crafted javascript can be used to install software, steal form submission data, rewrite elements of pages, send users to fake phishing sites instead of the real site, crash browsers, popup ads or inappropriate content, and much more. The range of possible attacks using javascript is a long discussion in and of itself, and I won’t go into it here. (Google around or ask me if you want more information on this area of things.)

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When I launched, tons of forum admins decried the idea. They screamed that it would let spammers on to their forums, and that they wouldn’t sell e-mail lists to spammers, etc…

A month goes by, and let’s see what we have. My server used to get around 200-300 e-mail a […]

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