When I launched, tons of forum admins decried the idea. They screamed that it would let spammers on to their forums, and that they wouldn’t sell e-mail lists to spammers, etc…

A month goes by, and let’s see what we have. My server used to get around 200-300 e-mail a day. In the past week it averaged 20,000-30,000 e-mail a day. Virtually all of those were to old (expired) accounts. Presumably virtually all spam. 30,000 a day!?

This proves that the average person simply CAN’T trust a random site or forum with their real e-mail address. Are there some forums/sites that are trustworthy? Sure! Does the average net user have any ability to tell with certainty if a given site or forum will sell their e-mail address or spam them direction? Unfortunately not.

For me at least, this reiterates the usefulness of the service.

In order to save my server from the crushing spam, I’ve swapped out the e-mail domain to, and will continue to swap out the e-mail domain on a regular basis. This will serve two purposes. One, it will save my server from dying under the spam. Two, it will keep admins who block registrations by domain on their toes at least once a month.

Note: Fifi is my pet iguana.



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6 responses to “Spam”

  1. el cojon Avatar
    el cojon

    keep up the good work, this service rocks!

  2. Will Avatar

    This is one of the best internet services I’ve seen. Thank you very, very much!

  3. A Forum Admin Avatar
    A Forum Admin

    I administer a forum that doesn’t send spam and so denies addresses from services like this as we definitely do get spammers registering from disposable accounts – But I also use such things myself or create a new address on a free service for each one I need

    I can’t work out whether I love or hate these things! :D

  4. Arjan van Bentem Avatar
    Arjan van Bentem

    Minor JavaScript issue in email.html (as immediately reported by the Firebug plugin in Firefox):


    needs to be commented from the JavaScript code:

    // <![CDATA[


  5. weed_2k Avatar

    Thanks for this service dude, it saves time having to constantly register for fake hotmail accounts :)

  6. Anton Avatar

    I think the 10minutemail is great! Helped me out loads of times. Would be nice with a shoutbox or link to a forum to get people more interested and motivated to help out. Anyways, you got my donation! Thanks!

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