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ATG Project Templates and Open Source Modules

I have just added a new page to my site:

ATG Technologies

This page currently has ATG Project templates, with ant build files, for ATG 7.1 and ATG 2006.3 and 2007.1 available for download. It also has a collection of small handy ATG Modules which I have created and released as open source, using […]

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Why I Host My Own Websites, Mail, Files, etc…

I read several “Web Worker” blogs, tech blogs, productivity blogs, etc… Almost all of them have touted the virtues of using something like Google Enterprise, GMail, Basecamp, etc… instead of hosting your own site or your own mail or whatever it is. I agree, that if you lack the skillset to easily manage […]

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Should Developers Manage Copyright Like Photographers Do?

While fighting the forces pulling me out of bed this morning, I had an idea: would everyone benefit if copyright on source code was managed more like copyright on photographs? I think everyone would win, and no one would lose. I’d like to hear your thoughts as well.

I am a Java developer/architect by day, but […]

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Oracle PL/SQL Loop to Update Fields with Periodic Commits

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’ve just completed importing 1.7 million user records from flat files into an normalized set of ATG Personalization tables, plus some custom tables, and you only then realize that the passwords from the old system, while in the compatible md5sum format, are all UPPERCASE, while ATG […]

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ATG Cache Header Control Module

Many ATG application server static content, or semi-static content, from within the ATG application’s .war file. It is often much simpler to package CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Images, and other files in your web application than to try to manage them separately and deploy correctly in development and production instances.

It is often desirable to set […]

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