ATG Project Templates and Open Source Modules

I have just added a new page to my site:

ATG Technologies

This page currently has ATG Project templates, with ant build files, for ATG 7.1 and ATG 2006.3 and 2007.1 available for download. It also has a collection of small handy ATG Modules which I have created and released as open source, using the Apache License.

These modules provide everything from Cache Header control, to Captcha, to Encryption, etc… I will be enhancing them and adding new modules as time goes on.

Check them out, and e-mail me with any comments, questions, bugs, requests, code updates, or contributions.






4 responses to “ATG Project Templates and Open Source Modules”

  1. murali Avatar

    It is good one and very useful.Thanks

  2. Heiko Avatar

    I’ve tried to use the ATG 2006.3 template in eclipse. But I am having trouble adding it to a workspace.
    Do you have an installation guide how to use this template with eclipse?
    Thanks and regards,

    1. Devon Avatar


      if you download the project archive, and decompress it into a directory, you should be able to use the Eclipse Import command under the File menu. For the Import Source, select the “Existing Projects into Workspace” option under the General folder. Then hit the Next button. Select the Root directory as the directory containing the decompressed project template directory, and it should show up in the Projects pane as an importable project. You’ll probably want to ensure the “Copy projects into workspace” option is checked. That should do it!


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