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Follow-up Article on Network World

Check it out here:

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10MinuteMail Updates

I just pushed a new version of 10MinuteMail. Here are the notable updates:

  1. Removed the Ad-Aware links and text. No one was clicking on them anyhow.
  2. Added some translation fixes.
  3. Implemented AJAX based (RichFaces) refreshing of the list of e-mails in your inbox.
  4. Added smtp client throttling (in Postfix) to limit the number of messages accepted from […]
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Apache Proxy Breaks RichFaces

I’ve run into this twice now, so I wanted to document it here to help other folks, and to see if anyone knows the root cause of the issue.

When using RichFaces with Seam, things work just fine on my local development JBoss instance. But when I deploy the same EAR file up to my […]

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How To Resize Uploaded Images Using Java – Better Way

Based on helpful comments from Matt on this previous post:

How To Resize Uploaded Images Using Java

I have upgraded the image resizing code. The results are noticeably better in quality, even at thumbnail sizes. I wanted to share the completed new code, in case anyone needs it.

Again, thanks to Matt S. for his […]

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