10MinuteMail Updates

I just pushed a new version of 10MinuteMail. Here are the notable updates:

  1. Removed the Ad-Aware links and text. No one was clicking on them anyhow.
  2. Added some translation fixes.
  3. Implemented AJAX based (RichFaces) refreshing of the list of e-mails in your inbox.
  4. Added smtp client throttling (in Postfix) to limit the number of messages accepted from a single source within 60 seconds. This seems to have already fixed the negative impact of high volume spammers on the function of the site.
  5. Removed the “Get Another E-Mail” feature. While this was a user request, I discovered that it was being abused by spammers.
  6. Added a Forward feature to allow you to forward a received e-mail to your home account for storage.

Enjoy! If you have any issues with the AJAX refreshes, let me know, but I think it should work better now.






21 responses to “10MinuteMail Updates”

  1. James Gresley Avatar
    James Gresley

    Love your 10 minute email site! to me there seems only one thing missing. I would like to be able to forward messages to another addy occationaly (like membership info) I might not trust the site with my info, but the info from them (like login information) can be VERY useful. Thanks again for your great service!

    James Gresley

  2. James Gresley Avatar
    James Gresley

    PS did you know that your site has made a “best of” (for temporary email sites) list? If not its posted here http://www.email-unlimited.com/stuff/temp-email-address.htm
    I found this site searching google for “temporary Email address” and liked it the best of their best of list!

    Thanks Agian

  3. Devon Avatar


    thanks for the tip on the “best of” listing!

    I will make a note of the feature request and try to work it in for the next release!


  4. FO Town Avatar
    FO Town

    Man, that “get another Email” was really useful :(
    Please to bring it back?
    but really it was quite useful, sad to see it go, i will not be able to use 10minutemail.com anymore..

  5. Devon Avatar

    FO Town,

    sorry:( What is it you used that feature for? Maybe I can come up with something to meet your legitimate need and still thwart the spammers.

    The issue was there were a number of people who were using it quickly register 20 or 30 accounts on a forum, and then used those accounts to spam. The whole point of 10MinuteMail is to avoid spam, not to promote it.

    What is the legitimate use case for the feature that is important to you?


  6. FO Town Avatar
    FO Town

    First, let me say it was a little drastic to say I can’t use 10minutemail anymore, it is just far more tedious without the “get a new email” button.

    I spend a good chunk of time at the computer, and about 60% of that time is spent on blogs and forums. When people want to contact me with any number of issues, I just give them a 10minute mail account and keep refreshing it until they email me and life goes on.
    Now the “need a new email” feature comes in handy when I am registering new users on erepublik.com. I am the president of my country in the game, and must give out my address to people all the time.

    It just sucks that a few spammers have to always come in and mess stuff up.

    P.S. I’m a returning user of 10minutemail from I don’t know how far back. Great stuff, I am always glad to have it (the killing of the “get a new email” button does not stifle 10minutemail’s flame) [though it was a great feature]
    anyways thanks for listening and all, keep up the good work.

  7. Devon Avatar

    Also: just added the ability to forward a message (once – to avoid spamming), so you can forward registration details or whatever else to your normal inbox to keep. Enjoy!

    @FO Town: Thanks for the info. I’ll try see what I can do for you, but I also need to limit the amount of evil my service is used for, as I’m sure you can understand.

  8. Herbert Avatar


    I found the info about 10minutemail on a hightech page of a newspaper and wanted to try it out. Maybe, I am dull but it did not work because there is always a message “error on this page”. I do get a temporary address but whenever I click on “message” nothing happens. Is there a “how to use ” and what goes wrong?

  9. Devon Avatar


    I’ve just added a simple video tour of the site here:


    Watch that, it should explain how it’s supposed to work. If you’re seeing things differently than the video shows, e-mail me and we’ll figure it out.


  10. john Avatar

    How about putting the expiration time on the page along with how many remaining minutes. Or perhaps the current time the page was written. Thanks… it’s a brilliant service.

  11. Devon Avatar


    the page that shows you inbox does show an ajax countdown of how many minutes are remaining, and provides the button to allow you to reset the 10 minute countdown if you need more time.

  12. john Avatar

    Hi Devon,

    Your 10 minute email site is No.1.!!!!!!
    Translate to slovak language is excelent :-)
    I send donate for you.

    Thank you very much for brillant service!

    Best regards

  13. Devon Avatar


    thank you very much!

  14. klc2e04 Avatar

    hello! Is the 10 minutes system crashed? becuase can’t receive any mails, please check is this has a problem or not. Thank you so much!

  15. Devon Avatar

    @klc2e04: At the moment there are a few servers who are sending TONS of spam to 10MinuteMail. About 2 GB in the last 30 minutes or so. Things should be working better now, and I’ll keep an eye on things.

  16. klc2e04 Avatar

    The system is can work now! It is a very perfect system, is so convenient ! Thank you very much!

  17. Sam Avatar

    I love 10 minute email but can you put a link to manually reset the email to shorten the time. Sometime user needs multiple email addresses to register for the coupons.

    1. Devon Avatar

      I used to have that, but people (and their scripts) were abusing it a lot. Since I removed it I’ve had less complaints from site owners about spammers bulk registering spam accounts. Sorry:(

  18. Jose Avatar

    Hi! I have a problem with 10 Minute Mail ( App for iPhone ) it does´t work :( only says ” Could not connect to 10MinuteMail.com” Could you fix it? Please!!

  19. Tracey Avatar

    I’m a new user of your 10minute mail service. Call me a bit of a dummy, but where do I copy the temp address to – it says my clipboard, but then what after that, and support on how I actually use it would be helpful.

    Also, is this trackable back to an IP address or once it’s gone there’s no trace? Any help on this would be appreciated.


    1. Devon Avatar


      you would use the email address in a sign-up form on a website or something like that. So you can get email from the site.

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