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JavaScript Speeds

The JavaScript engines of popular web browsers vary greatly in performance. The variance in performance is surprising.

Running this test:

On my laptop, here are my results (lower is better, your results my vary):

Safari 4: 128
Firefox 3.5: 233
Camino: 615
IE 7: 1181

IE 7 is almost 10 X slower than Safari 4. With more and […]

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Hard Drive Fail

The hard drive in my server failed in a nasty way. So things may be slightly broken for a few more days, while I fix up things one by one.

Lessons learned: while backing up your data stuff is important (/var/www, /opt, etc…) DON’T forget to back up things like /etc and the list […]

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Why I like jQuery (over Dojo)

With the caveat that I’m not an expert with Dojo/Dojox/Dijit, I’m currently switching a site off of Dojo onto jQuery. I’ve used jQuery on a few other sites, but typically just simple effects type stuff. This site has a lot of AJAX driven stuff going on: AJAX catalog navigation where we replace about […]

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Seam 2.x Web Development

Seam 2.x Web Development by David Salter

Packt Publishing just sent me a copy of their new Seam book entitled Seam 2.x Web Development. Authored by David Salter, it seems to be a well laid out practical guide to building web apps […]

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