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Installing GitLab on RedHat Enterprise 5 RHEL 5

GitLab is a free (they also have a paid enterprise version) and open source software package to make managing a Git server easier.  It provides a nice web admin, detailed user and group permissions, and much more.  I looked at gitolite however I was unable to get it working correctly after […]

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Working from the Beach part 5 Wrap Up

I’ve returned from Mexico after working there for a month.  As you can tell, I didn’t keep up with the blog writing during the second half of my stay, but I wanted to write a bit of a wrap up about my first attempt at working from an exotic locale.  I […]

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Working from the Beach part 4 – One Week In


Now that I’ve been working from Sayulita for the past week, I wanted to summarize some of the important things I’ve discovered so far:

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