ATG CSC Usability

note: this is post four in my ATG CSC and why I hate it series:

ATG CSC has a new UI

While the old Commerce Assist UI was pretty bare-bones, pretty simple, and not super “smart” it generally worked. It was pretty easy to figure out how to do what you wanted to do, and get […]

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ATG CSC UI Customization

note: this is post three in my ATG CSC and why I hate it series:

UI Modification

Mostly customers using ATG CSC will want to make at least minor UI customizations. This could include providing information to CSRs about alternate payment types (PayPal, BillMeLater, Gift Cards), displaying customer loyalty program status, or more involved changes […]

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ATG CSC Search Issues

note: this is post two in my ATG CSC and why I hate it series:

For some unknown reason ATG has replaced the standard Repository based search used for looking up profiles and orders with ATG Search engine based indexing and lookups. First off, I’ve never had any issues with the old Repository based […]

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ATG CSC and why I hate it

I recently worked on upgrading a client from ATG 2006.3 to ATG 9.1. The upgrade included upgrading Commerce Assist 2006.3 to CSC 9.1.

Commerce Assist 2006.3 is the ATG Customer Service application for ATG 2006.3 which allows CSRs to work with user profiles and orders. Commerce Assist 2006.3 is a relatively simple straight forward application. It’s […]

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