I recently worked on upgrading a client from ATG 2006.3 to ATG 9.1. The upgrade included upgrading Commerce Assist 2006.3 to CSC 9.1.

Commerce Assist 2006.3 is the ATG Customer Service application for ATG 2006.3 which allows CSRs to work with user profiles and orders. Commerce Assist 2006.3 is a relatively simple straight forward application. It’s essentially a standalone module. It can run against the existing CORE schema. The UI is simple but generally effective.

In stark contrast the new CSC is dependent on ATG Service and the front end is actually presented within the ATG Service UI. The UI is amazingly complex, which I’ll go into shortly. It also requires a new separate Service schema. It also has it’s own CA instance to deploy UI data… to itself…. It also requires it’s own Search engines.

For what it’s worth, before I met CSC 9.1, CA and Search were my two least favorite ATG products. Now CSC not only takes the cake as my #1 most disliked ATG product, but also requires #2 and #3.

There’s actually enough about the new CSC that I dislike that I’m going to break this out into a few posts:

Installation and Schema

CSC now requires it’s own schema. It also requires a bunch of schema changes to be made to CORE. Unfortunately the database installation scripts aren’t clear about where they should be run. service_production_all.sql throws a ton of errors regardless of where it’s run. The install docs are lacking, and point you to Service docs, Search docs, CA docs, etc… You also can’t really upgrade from Commerce Assist, so you lose all your old CSR related data.

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