iPhone Battery Life

//iPhone Battery Life

iPhone Battery Life

I’ve been traveling all day.  I was picked up at 5:15 AM (PST), taken to the airport, flew to Chicago, waited around, flew to Columbus, took a cab to where I’m staying, unpacked, walked around for a couple of hours, and finally came back here around 8:30 PM (EST).  That’s just over 12 hours.  I was using my iPhone almost the whole time.

First, I was watching an episode of Burst Angel on the way to the airport, then at the airport, waiting in line, waiting at the gate, etc.. I listened to music, stopping only when I had to pass through the metal detector.  Once on the plane there was a 10 minute “no electronics” period.  After that I watched more anime, listened to more music, then another 10 minute off period while landing.  Then I spent 2.5 hours in Chicago, listening to the music, checking and sending e-mail, checking and sending SMSs, checking my calendar and stock prices, etc…, then onto the next plane, with more music and more anime.  Music in the cab, except when I had to use Google maps to show the cabbie how to get to where I was staying.  Music while I unpacked.  Music and Google Maps while I walked around, finding a grocery store, etc…

Now it wasn’t 12 hours of straight usage, but it was VERY heavy, and mixed between video, music, sms, phone, google maps, stock quotes, e-mail, etc….  The battery shows only 2/3s empty.

I’m impressed.

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  1. Emma July 9, 2007 at 7:00 pm - Reply

    I never really thought about the usefulness of having access to Google maps when you’re in a cab with a lost cabbie. Very nifty.

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