Category: Improvement

  • Being an Adult

    The best part about being an adult is that you can spend Sunday afternoon on the couch watching cartoons, eating raw cookie dough, and playing video games.

  • Push Ups

    Week 4, Day 2: 112 pushups. My arms are still twitching a bit…. Good times.

  • OMG Push Ups

    So I’ve officially crossed from having my pecs be the weak link, to my triceps. They hurt. 105 push ups in 8 minutes exactly.

  • Week 3, Day 1 – Still More Push Ups

    Man, that’s a lot of push ups. I just finished Week 3, Day 1. I started out a little sore from the set of 35 I did yesterday, but made it trough today’s work out: 99 push ups in 6 minutes Sweet! Also, I went running/jogging/walking this morning. Second day in a row, so my…

  • Vancouver and Push Ups

    We spent three days in Vancouver. It’s a lovely train ride there and back, about four hours right along the water, so you can look out and see the ocean, and on the way up at least seven bald eagles – which was amazing. I really love Vancouver. It’s a very clean city, nice people,…

  • Even More Push Ups

    I just finished my Day 3, Week 2 push-up workout. I did 79 push-ups in about 12 minutes. So I’m up 11 push-ups versus last week, which isn’t too bad. How are you doing? We’re up in Vancouver for a few days. I’m working during the day, and we’re going out at night. I love…

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