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  • Oracle Commerce Cloud – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Oracle Commerce Cloud – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

    What is Oracle Commerce Cloud? Oracle has been working on their Oracle Commerce Cloud offering for a while, pre-released first in the early Spring of 2015, and publicly launched in June 2015.  It was the focus of the Commerce section of the recent Oracle CX 2016 conference in  April 2016. The Commerce Cloud offering is […]

  • New ATG Rest Module

    Marcelo Onhate has written a very useful ATG REST module based on Jersey which looks to be an improvement over the built-in ATG REST support.  It uses annotations and is pretty simple to configure and vend REST services with. Check it out here:  

  • Want an even better job? :)

    While the ATG job opportunity at TOMS is pretty sweet, Spark::red is also hiring!  I might be a bit biased but I think Spark::red is an amazing place to work. First, the jobs:  We’re looking for sys admins, jboss admins, or technical ATG folks (architects, deployment specialists, etc…) to join our sys ops and support/deployment/load […]

  • Want a good job?

    One of the first people to take me up on my Office Hours offer was a Talent Acquisition Specialist (aka recruiter).  Unlike many people with that title, Jason had read up on me, read my blog, and knew I wasn’t looking for work.  However he did want to pick my brain on a few aspects […]

  • ATG and The Cloud

    I get asked a lot about using The Cloud or VMs for running your ATG site, so I wrote a big blog post about it over on the Sparkred Oracle ATG Commerce blog: Using Cloud of VMs for ATG Oracle Commerce Hosting.  Go check it out!  Overall, I see cloud computing and VMs as being […]

  • Content Thief – -redacted-

    I woke up this morning to discover that someone had stolen one of my ATG Performance blog posts, word for word, and published it on his blog, as if he’d written it. My post about Improving JSP Serving Time for an ATG Application was copied and pasted into a new post on the…. UPDATE: The […]