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One of the first people to take me up on my Office Hours offer was a Talent Acquisition Specialist (aka recruiter).  Unlike many people with that title, Jason had read up on me, read my blog, and knew I wasn’t looking for work.  However he did want to pick my brain on a few aspects of hiring ATG experts.  I shared what I could, but I also want to go a step further.

Let’s start with the job: Senior ATG Lead Developer

Sure, you’re thinking there’s a TON of open ATG positions, and not nearly enough people to fill them, so why this one?  Here’s why:

It’s based in sunny Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey).  Great weather, great cars, great people, great surf.

I’ve had the good fortune to tour the office.  It’s one of the nicest, if not THE nicest, offices I’ve ever been to.  It has a ton of open space, slides to get down from the second floor, a barista, lots of dogs, and a great courtyard with picnic tables, cabanas, and ping pong tables.  Unlike most of the companies that talk about their great office or their game tables, at TOMS there are actually smiling happy laughing people playing ping pong.  The grassy courtyard is filled with people working on their laptops in the sun, or eating lunch outside.  I was really inspired by the office.

The company isn’t your standard retailer.  They are on a mission to give to children in need.  Read about TOMS One for One program here.  And again, it’s not just a tagline given lip service, it’s a passionate commitment that everyone I spoke with there shares.

The job gets you in at the ground floor of a new ATG implementation.  This is huge.  FIrst off you won’t be wrestling with 5 years of organically developed spaghetti code.  You get to start from a clean slate and you get to build the core functionality of the site, not just little tweaks.  I think you’ll also have a great opportunity to grow into a mentor or maybe architect role.

This is one of the better ATG positions I’ve seen around in ages.  Drop Jason an email and tell him I sent you!






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