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  • Life Without Things

    Life Without Things

    I am in Costa Rica, in the middle of a month-long stay, and I wanted to write a bit about my experience so far with the lack of “stuff” in my life.  I am renting a house on the beach at the very end of a long “road” that runs along the beach.  The house is […]

  • Shaving – Double Edge Safety Razors

    Aside from a short lived bloody stint using a straight razor 15 years ago, I’ve always been a Gillette multi-blade vibrating light-up twitter-enabled razor kind of guy when it comes to preventing myself being mistaken for a rabid bear.  In a recent effort to look like less of a mess I started researching how to […]

  • July 23rd 2012 Track Day at Loudon, NH

  • Driving and Drive

    Driving and Drive This is a two topic blog post written hilariously late. As a long time New Englander, someone who grew up in and learned to drive in the snowy mountains of Vermont, and someone who has a very strong interest in driving and motor-sports, I consider myself a great winter driver.  I’ve spent […]

  • Driving my car on a race track

    Two weeks ago I took my Audi S4 up to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway for an Audi group track event. Spanning two days the event was a mix of classroom learning and track time, usually with an instructor in your passenger seat, coaching and giving feedback and advice as you drive around the track, […]

  • I Built a New Closet

    We replace the nasty stained brown carpet upstairs with maple hardwood flooring, and in the process had to remove the closet system that was in the master bedroom’s closet. Once we had removed it parts of it fell apart due to age/stress/fiberboard construction, etc… We decided the we didn’t want to put it back in. […]